Rehabilitation is a crucial therapy to improve diminished functions in pediatric patients with cerebral palsy, that must be carried out early and comprehensively to ensure an efficent treatment. The National hospital of Acupuncture currently provides treatment for pediatric patients with cerebral palsy based on traditional medicine combined with modern medicine, such as acupuncture, hydro-acupuncture, acupressure and physical exercises, catgut embedding.... Each method brings its own benefits, in particular:

Cerebral palsy treatment with acupuncture:

  • Assisting pediatric patients with cerebral palsy their mental alertness, sedative, meridians and blood tonic, yin and yang.
  • Improve circulation and local nutrition, boost muscle strength in paralyzed areas, soften spastic muscles, relieve pain, recover and improve children's physical mobility, verbal function and cognition.
  • Improve somatic nervous system
Acupuncture therapy for cerebral palsy in pediatric patients

Cerebral palsy treatment with hydro-acupuncture:

  • Hyro-Acupuncture with group of vitamin B drugs, neurotransmitters drugs, cerebral circulation activating drugs to recover the central nervous system, nourish peripheral nerves, participate in glucose metabolism to produce energy inside the body, , strengthening the immune system that curing diseases and recovery.
  • Hydro- acupuncture (injection into acupoints) is a therapeutic technique that combines the meridian theory of acupuncture in traditional medicine with the impact of drugs in modern medicine, that maintains the stimulation time at acupoints to optimize the treatment efficiency.

Cerebral palsy treatment with acupressure:

   Improve blood circulation, enhance blood flow, nourish skin, relieve pain, reduce edema, soften tendons and muscles to recover physical movement, intellectual language and senses, and limit injured defects (muscle atrophy, stiffness).

Pediatric patients with cerebral palsy received acupressure to boost blood circulation

Cerebral palsy treatment with physical exercise:

  • Maintain and improve patient's range of motion, prevent secondary injuries and improve the recovery ability.
  • Practice sitting, standing, dynamic and static balance to enable maintain balance in space better, increase the self-awareness; help the patient sit, stand and move independently.

Cerebral palsy treatment with catgut embedding therapy:

In addition to stimulating local acupoints, catgut embedding also has biochemical effects such as: increasing blood circulation to help nourish the area to be treated, maintaining a state of stimulation to create neuromuscular reflexes, which are very effective in the treatment of patients paralysis due to stroke, cerebral palsy, encephalitis, etc.

Pediatric patients with cerebral palsy recover in active communication and flexible movements after acupuncture treatment at the National hospital of Acupuncture.

In addition, the treatment of cerebral palsy involves combining physical therapy, communication and verbal training:

  • Concentration skills
  • Imitation skills
  • Play skills
  • Communicate through gestures and images
  • Social skills
  • Language skills

The National hospital of Acupuncture has the mission to investigate, treat and cure many diseases, especially those related to pediatrics, such as cerebral palsy, motor paralysis, autism spectrum disorder, hyperactivity ... The hospital is fully equipped with modern medical equipment necessary to perform simple treatments complex treatments such as medical treatment and intervention. With a team of highly qualified medical staff who work with enthusiasm and devotion to the patients, that can be completely convinced with effective physically and mentally.

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