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The Central Acupuncture Hospital is a Grade 1 hospital specialized in acupuncture, under the Ministry of Health, established on April 24, 1982.

The hospital has the scale of 645 sickbeds, including 380 inpatient sickbeds and 265 outpatient sickbeds. In addition, the hospital has 629 officials and employees, including: 01 Professor, 05 Associate Professor, 07 Doctor, 14 specialist level 2 doctors, 20 Master, 40 specialist level 1 doctors, 119 doctors, 13 University Pharmacists, 209 Bachelors nursing staff, 61 medical engineers, 112 other employees, 29 nurses, and medical workers.

Currently, the hospital is operated under the leadership of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Van Thanh - Director of the Central Acupuncture Hospital.


Its mission of developing a Central hospital, the Central Acupuncture Hospital works on improving its capacity, training the lower levels with the highest spirit of supportation. Moreover, the Central Acupuncture Hospital always works on the determination: "Patient satisfaction comes first".


Examination, emergency, treatment and rehabilitation for patients by non-drug methods such as acupuncture, acupressure therapy.

Learning the mechanism of acupuncture, step by step modernize the acupuncture industry.

Training and fostering staff specialized in acupuncture, participating in acupunture teaching undergraduate and postgraduate domestic and abroad.

Directing the transfer of acupuncture techniques to 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

International cooperation, experience exchange, joint venture and association training.

Organization of education and communication on health protection and care combining treatment and counseling, building a community-based rehabilitation model.



The Vietnam Acupuncture Institute is the predecessor of the Central Acupuncture Hospital. Experiencing for the highs and lows in history, the Central Acupuncture Hospital has achieved many great achievements.

The hospital has cooperated in acupuncture with 39 countries around the world. In addition, the hospital also closely combines modern medicine and traditional medicine in medical examination and treatment as well as scientific research, work on directing and compiling.

Currently PGS.TS.BSCC. Tran Van Thanh holds the position of Director of the hospital.


The Central Acupuncture Institute was established on April 24, 1982 under the Decision No. 369/BYT-QD, then renamed the Central Acupuncture Hospital in 2003 according to the Decision 2214/QD-BYT of the Minister of Health. .

The hospital has 07 councils, 03 centers, 08 function rooms, 21 clinical departments, 05 paraclinical departments, 01 acupuncture journal.


Title: "The Labor Hero Unit in the renovation period", the first-class Labor Medal awarded by the President.

Being evaluated as a unit that well fulfills the task of taking care and protecting people's health, well combining modern medicine with traditional medicine in disease diagnosis and treatment.

Successfully completed the work of international cooperation relations. To develop the specialty of acupuncture, directly examine and diseases trearment for people of other countries (Mexico, Russia, France, Italy...).

The Central Acupuncture Hospital has written 27 books on textbooks, topical books, translated into languages such as French, Spanish, etc.


Creation and Renovation

Patient satisfaction

Medical Staff


The Central Acupuncture Hospital is constantly changing towards hospital autonomy. Medical equipment is increasingly modern, replaced by the most advanced new equipment.



Be equipped with TV

Canteen serves beverage (tea, coffee, etc)

Free public wifi

Privated toilet